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The briefs

These are the four most important attributes that best define who we are.


A Digital Agency

We are a company that provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen based products and services to help our clients engage with their target market.


Forward Thinkers

With a clear vision for our company, we are always thinking progressively by looking beyond the “now” and formulating strategies for future success.


Problem Solvers

We always focus on the problem presented by our clients and synthesize the information and knowledge of our team in order to achieve a solution.


Team Players

We believe that alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much and therefore we always modularize all our projects and divide the tasks among our team according to specialty.


Our Story

Designing With Passion

Our interest in the web and mobile began back while we were together in campus late 2011 (though we were not a team then) and it has lived till this day. A little traction towards this interest and a strong push led each of us to pursue web design full time and become independent freelance web developers.

Sometime after campus early 2014, a project brought us, Antony, Paul and Abdi together. The project was indeed God sent. While working, each one of us really felt inspired by our individual strengths and decided to form a team, Team Mastech it has been since then.

Several projects later, the team keeps growing stronger and bigger, with its impact being felt by more esteemed clients each day. The promise to our clients is that we shall be around for as long as you need us.

User interface & Experience
Web Design & Development
Mobile Applications Development


Our Mission

At Mastech Technology Solutions Limited, we design and develop websites, web applications and mobile applications so that our customers can build and expand online presence for themselves and their businesses


Our Vision

Five years from now, Mastech Technology Solutions Limited will be the premier web and mobile development company in Kenya with annual revenues of over one hundred million shillings in 2020 by becoming nationally known for providing quality, timely, reasonably priced software development and customer support services


Our Clients