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zamken company Ltd

zamken company Ltd


The website was developed for Zamken co. ltd a Zambian Company with partners in Kenya.

Work done

The website design and concept was developed by the mastech team which also managed the functional development of the website.

SEO strategies were fully developed and implemented by the team to ensure that the website complies with googles regulations and to also ensure that the ranking of the website is as high as possible.

The website was also designed to be responsive in order to fit all devices i.e phones, tablets, laptops (both small screen and wide screen) and desktop.

Website responsiveness is an important factor in web design these days since most visitors of the websites are using small form factors e.g phones and tablets.

Client's ROI

The website has just been deployed and we are still tracking the statistics. The projected impact is that it will improve the clients client base by upto 25% in the next six months.

Project Lead

1. Mwalaghe Mangi

2. Antony Sande


24 June 2015